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e-on software Resellers Hit the Road with their Summer Show

e-on software will hit the road in Europe showcasing their new LumenRT rendering plugin for SketchUP as well as Vue products


e-on software is responsible for many rendering solutions for natural 3D environments. Used worldwide for film, television, architecture, game, science, educational, and entertainment, e-on software, along with their resellers, are taking their products and hitting the road with their Summer Road show Seminar presentations.

The show Seminar events will feature in-depth presentations on e-on software’s flagship Vue Product Line, as well as introduce additional products such as LumenRT and Carbon Scatter.

These seminars will also be covering, simpler ways to use these products more effectively.

Dates and Times

June 14: AIGA, Rennes – France
Philippe Ruveron: [email protected]

June 17: Weltenbauer, Wiesbaden – Germany
Berthold Grünhagen: [email protected]

June 24: Siacad, Singapore
Ben Thum: [email protected]

June 30: C.A.I. Systeme, Berlin – Germany
Armin Issmayer: [email protected]

July 1:, Utrecht – The Netherlands
Stefan Twigt: [email protected]

Fusion, Cairo – Egypt
Ayman Raafat: [email protected]

July 5: Bardins, Szczecin – Poland
Piotr Burzynski: [email protected]

July 6: Softwarediskont, Vienna – Austria
Markus Fiala: [email protected]

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