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AutoCAD WS to gain layers in version 1.3 release

Layers coming to AutoCAD WS for iOS and Android, plus unified updates to both mobile platforms and better PDF support


As likely the leading CAD product on tablet architectures like Apple iOS and now Android, Autodesk’s AutoCAD WS is gearing up for some great new features in the next version 1.3 release.

From the official blog, the company this week has announced that they will be bringing “layers” support to the mobile version of AutoCAD WS. Currently layers is supported in the web version only.

Now users will be able to tap the layers button and a scrollable list of layers will pop up. A light bulb indicator will inform you if a layer is visible or not. You can turn layers on or off as you like.

01 - AutoCAD WS for iOS and Android, gaining layers support.

Unified Releases for iOS and Android

In another tidbit of news, the blog says that the next release of AutoCAD WS will unify functionality across their mobile platforms (Apple iOS and Google Android). In the future all updates to AutoCAD WS will made available to both platforms at the same time.

This also means that the PDF support features that are on the web version now and on Android will come across on the iOS version too. Currently you can upload, view, annotate and share PDFs in AutoCAD WS just like DWG files. This means you can use AutoCAD WS as a unified DWG and PDF viewer on your iPad. For now the iOS version only allows viewing and sharing but soon will get all the above features when version 1.3 comes out.

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