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Apple’s mobile graphics partner, Imagination, announces PowerVR Series 6

Will the next iPhone 5 contain POWERVR Series 6 GPU technologies? Imagination Technologies introduces the most powerful graphics solution in the mobile industry


Back in January we wrote that Apple’s iPad and iPhone hardware supplier, Imagination Technologies of England, had acquired Caustic Graphics, the maker of 3D technology for mobile devices. Now the company has introduced the latest POWERVR Series 6 mobile embedded graphics processor.

Code named “Rogue” the new GPU technology is said to lead the industry in performance. Imagination stated in a press release that six lead partners have thus far licensed the design. Three of these include ST-Ericsson, Texas Instruments and MediaTek. Three others have yet to announce. It is not clear if Apple is among the three mysterious licensees.

Imagination CEO Hossein Yassaie said, “The growing commitment of the primary players to our roadmap shows that, having evaluated the options, the overall market and embedded market is increasingly committing to POWERVR as the de facto graphics standard.” Again, Apple is one of those “primary” players in the market.

Apple normally would have released the iPhone 5 this month if it held its annual June refresh timeline. The company however is delayed in the release of the next iPhone (5), yet it is not clear if iOS 5 and iCloud are the sole reasons for this delay.

Apple is an investor in Imagination Technologies. To learn more about the new POWERVR Series 6 from Imagination Technologies go here.

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