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Tidbits: AIA News items – Graphisoft, Nemetschek and Autodesk

Mac CAD and 3D news around the Web: We have tidbits on Graphisoft and Nemetschek video interviews at AIA, plus an interesting post on 123 vs Sketchup


Kurt Ameringer of Graphisoft Video – Talks about ArchiCAD 15

Kurt Ameringer, Director at Graphisoft, is interviewed by and you can see the video of that interview here. This was filmed on the show floor at the AIA Convention in May.

Kurt covers the three major areas of improvement in ArchiCAD 15, including design freedom with the new Shell tool, plus renovation documentation workflow and the new 3D environment advancements. You can view the interview here.

Jeff Ouellette of Nemetschek Video – Talks about Vectorworks Architect

Jeff Ouellette of Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc., was also interviewed by at AIA and he discusses what the company is showcasing there to architects on the show floor.

Jeff mentions the focus of demonstrating how users can transition to BIM using Vectorworks Architect rather than making a complete wholesale switch. He also mentions the strength of Vectorworks in the graphics and presentation environment as well as its IFC compatibilities. You can view the interview here.

Autodesk 123

While not an AIA item per se Roopinder Tara at CAD Insider has another post about how Autodesk is taking on Google’s SketchUp with Autodesk 123. This is an interesting read because it delves into a discussion with John Bacus, product manager of SketchUp, about how SketchUp has become a fan favorite with the Maker Faire type audience worldwide. The Maker Faire itself was the chosen venue for Autodesk’s announcement of Autodesk 123. You can read the post here.

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