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Seville hatches a new addition to it’s city’s architectural jems

Just Opened in MARCH- A new modern landmark, the Metropol Parasol, demands attention in Seville’s medieval inner city from both tourist and locals alike.


This is more then a just public space, this is a work of architectural art. A product of unique engineering and innovative design, this is the world’s largest wooden structure. Designed by J. Mayer H. Architects, using non other then GRAPHISOFT’s ArchiCAD, this space has a variety of uses and attractions for tourists and locals alike.

Stationed on an archeological excavation site, the contemporary Metropol Parasol, seems to grow out of the dig, representing the unique relationship of Seville’s historical and contemporary contributions to art and culture.

The Metropol Parasol has activities such as a farmers’ market, and elevated plaza, with multiple bars and restaurants underneath and inside the elevated structure. There is even an archaeological museum and a panorama terrace at the top.

01 - Seville's newest architectural gem was designed with ArchiCAD software by Graphisoft.

GRAPHISOFT is extremely proud to be apart of such cutting edge contribution to modern architecture. If you want to learn more about ArchiCAD go here:

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