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ParaCloud – Generative Design Software for Mac

ParaCloud GEM for the Mac (and Windows) is the only true “generative design” tool of this sophistication running natively on Apple Mac OS X.


ParaCloud GEM software is a “generative design” software application for the Mac and Windows platforms. It is really the only true Mac application in this field, as both Bentley Generative Components and Grasshopper run natively only on Windows. While the ladder are frequently seen on Mac hardware, they run only under Boot Camp or Parallels.

01 - ParaCloud GEM for Mac and Windows - Generative Design software.

ParaCloud customers include some big names in architecture and engineering, including ARUP, Buro Happold (which Architosh will be talking about further when we complete our Smartgeometry reports), Zaha Hadid Architects and SOM, to name a few.

ParaCloud Details

If you have been intimated by the scripting and mathematical complexity of some of the more well-known generative design tools but want to dip a toe into this pond, ParaCloud may be a very good place to start. In ParaCloud you essentially “map” 3D components to a design surface (or mesh), very similar to applying a “texture” to a 3D model in a rendering program.

ParaCloud features intelligent subdivision tools and mesh smoothing. Controlling 3D components on the mesh is done through a series of manipulators such as offsets, build-ups and more. You can rapidly produce a series of reiterative options quite easily. ParaCloud can import CSV and Excel data from performative analysis tools and use it to control model aspects of the generative model.

Interoperability is fairly robust and can work with most popular CAD software that can bring in OBJ, STL, DXF and COLLADA. Works with Maya, Rhino and 3ds Max.

To learn more visit them online here:

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