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Nvidia-based Cloud Rendering for Architects

RevUp Render with RealityServer offers architects access to powerful Nvidia-based GPU’s rendering setups for remote cloud-based BIM and rendering tasks


RevUp Render has introduced today the first Cloud Computing System for Architects based on the Nvidia RealityServer. RevUp Render, an innovator of cloud computing technology for the architectural, entertainment and graphics design communities, has announced RevUpVCS 3.0 Cloud System with RevUp RealityServer. This is the first commercially available product for the building industry using the Nvidia-based RealityServer and mental images’ iRay GPU-based supercomputing render platform.

RealityServer for Architects

RealityServer offers architects, designers and engineers access to supercomputing-level performance from virtually any remote location. RevUpVCS 3.0 with RevUp RealityServer utilizes high-performance CPUs, GPUs, system memory and I/O configurations, developed in partnership with RenderStream of Austin, Texas, to deliver maximum performance for BIM model-sharing capabilities in the cloud.

The system is compatible with many leading applications but not all of them at this moment. It works with AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, NavisWorks, SolidWorks, McNeel Rhino, Bentley Microstation platforms and several others. The system runs Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit and runs on highend workstation/server hardware. While the company does not list other BIM or 3D programs like ArchiCAD, Vectorworks, modo, et cetera, any program that supports that OS and platform could be utilized and accessed remotely in server-to-team functionality.

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