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Cheetah3D 5.7 Adds New Preference Window and more

Cheetah3D 5.7 adds improved Collada support, faster subdivision surfaces and a completely re-written and improved Preferences Window


This week saw the release of Cheetah3D 5.7. The biggest change in this latest version is undoubtedly the completely rewritten preferences window. The new preferences window now supports the Apple Cocoa toolbar, binding of almost 200 commands and custom Javascripts to hotkeyes, customizing many of the user interface colors, and much more.

The new Cheetah3D 5.7

Cheetah3D 5.7 also extends the Collada support by introducing the export of animations and skinned characters. There are many smaller improvements and optimizations in this release as well. Notable items:

  • Added second UV set export as part of Collada exporter extension
  • Added support of PFhoe Pro via FBX files
  • Default mouse mode now supports Alt+Crtl+left mouse drag for camera move and Alt+Command+left mouse drag for camera zoom
  • Added offset parameter as part of extended Target tag
  • Added Up-Vector parameter as part of extended Target tag
  • SSE optimizations for subdivision surfaces generating 25% faster performance

To learn more about Cheetah3D 5.7, the Mac OS X-only modeling, rendering and animation software, visit them here:

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