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Tidbits: Vectorworks, AKVIS and Lightworks news

Mac CAD and 3D News: In today’s tidbits we have news about A&A and Nemetschek helping the Japanese reconstruction efforts; the new AKVIS Sketch 12.5 and Lightworks Artisan adoption news


Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc, teams with A&A Co. to Help Japan

A&A Co., Ltd, of Tokyo, the Japanese distributor of Vectorworks software, is offering emergency support and services for reconstruction efforts related to the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. As a part of the initiative, A&A announced an offer to contribute 150 free licenses of Vectorworks 2011 and FastTrack Schedule software programs to organizations involved in the reconstruction planning and projects. A&A will also provide free software training, which includes dispatching training staff where needed.

“We are sure that reconstruction projects will take a long time, and we do believe that our computer software will be a big help,” said Kazuko Uchida, CEO of A&A Co. Ltd. “We hope we will be able to assist in the reconstruction process for local people, even if it is a small amount of aid, with help from our staff and from our software users nationwide.”

Vectorworks 2011, developed by Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc, is a very popular CAD software package in Japan and it is localized by A&A for the Japanese market. The Japanese version contains extensions to simulate both evacuations and thermal environments during the design process.

We have a long-standing relationship with the design community in Japan, and we were shocked and saddened by the recent devastation to so many communities there,” said Stewart Rom, Chief Marketing Officer of Nemetschek Vectorworks. “We are pleased to be able to support our Japanese partners at A&A in providing this technology to assist with the rebuilding efforts.”

AKVIS 12.5 Announced

Useful to visualization professionals, AKVIS has announced the latest version of AKVIS Sketch for Windows and Mac, version 12.5. Sketch converts digital photographs into amazing pencil sketches, watercolor, charcoal, and pastel drawings.

01 - AKVIS Sketch 12.5 offers new batch processing and RAW image support to this popular Adobe Photoshop plugin for visual artists.

New in version 12.5 is batch processing for stand-alone mode. Previously, batch processing was only available using the plug-in as a Photoshop action. RAW format has also been added. To learn more visit them online here:

Lightworks News – Helps Get HBXL to Market in Two Weeks

Lightworks, of Great Britain, has announced that it has helped get PlansXpress from HBXL out to market in just two weeks by the company’s adoption of Lightworks Artisan rendering software technology. Artisan provides pre-packaged applications that can be simply integrated into OEM tools, providing pre-configuration workflows and easy-to-use applications. By using Lightworks Artisan customers reduce time to market.

HBXL is the UK market leader in construction software for the small to medium sized building firm. The company’s award-winning PlanXpress product is targeted at builders and developers, with the aim of enabling them to produce architect quality plans and 3D visuals quickly and easily. To learn more about Artisan and Lightworks visit here.

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