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NAB: Dashwood intros breakthrough 3D technology

NAB News – Dashwood intros cutting edge 3D stereoscopic technology for Macs


Dashwood Cinema Solutions, developer of 3D solutions, introduced a new line of cutting-edge Mac-based stereoscopic 3D products at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention in the 3D pavilion. The products are designed to accelerate 3D productions from camera lens to mastering.

“Our products address gaps in typical 3D workflows. They remove complexities of working in 3D and significantly reduce the downtime during 3D production,” commented Tim Dashwood, founder of Dashwood Cinema Solutions. The new Stereo3D CAT offers users fast and flawless camera alignment and analysis.

Feature Highlights: Stereo3D CAT

  • Alignment Tracker for lightening fast alignment
  • Stereo3D Visualizer – calculates dimensions of a scene, renders a representation of objects in the scene (including similitude), and warns against settings which may cause the viewer discomfort
  • Sync Checker – to confirm appropriate shutter sync between cameras
  • Parallax Inspector or “magnifying glass” to confirm that positive parallax will not cause divergence of the eyes
  • Stereoscopic Preview Modes, including anaglyph, difference, side-by-side, line-by-line, and top/bottom
  • Depth Analysis Tool
  • Discreet or Muxed stereoscopic input
  • External Output in side-by-side, top/bottom or anaglyph
  • Transmits slate and disparity dta to iPad for display in Dashwood 3D Chart
  • Support for most Blackmagic and Matrox IO cards
  • Compatible with most Mac Pro and Macbook Pro models

To learn more about Dashwood’s breakthrough 3D technology visit them online here:

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