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Martyn Day Gets CAD Society Community Award

Martyn Day wins Joe Greco Community Award this year at COFES 2011.


The CAD Society announced at COFES this month that Martyn Day, co-founder of X3Dmedia and a longtime CAD industry editor and publisher, has been awarded the Joe Greco Community Award for his achievements as a leader in the CAD editorial community.

Carl Bass, CEO, Autodesk, says, “Martyn has been a strong and outspoken advocate for the community of users – a curmudgeon with wit who speaks out for what he believes in. I’m very pleased to see this award given to Martyn.

“Martyn has always impressed me with his insight and unrelenting search for the truth,” said Roopinder Tara, editor of Tenlinks. “In an industry that often mistakes the ordinary with the important, tries to impress with mediocrity, and whose champions hope that whatever was stated last year will not be remembered, there’s Martyn to take them to task.”

In 2008 Martyn Day co-founded X3Dmedia, which publishes the new Develop3D magazine in partnership with partner Al Dean and others. This publication is now recognized as one of the best out there serving the entire CAD industry.

Martyn studied engineering and publishing at Oxford Brookes College and has spent his entire professional career pursuing, commenting and writing on the CAD industries from his UK homeland.

The award was presented at COFES (Congress on the Future of Engineering Software) this year, April 14-17, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Past winners include Roopinder Tara, Richard Doyle, Evan Yares, Michael Payne, Sean Dtoson, Chris Yessios, and many other respected industry participants.

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