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Autodesk to host AutoCAD for Mac “Facecast” on Facebook

AutoCAD to host AutoCAD event for Mac users on Facebook tomorrow…


Autodesk, Inc., will be hosting a live event on Facebook tomorrow, 28 April 2011. The event takes place on the AutoCAD Facebook Page on…you guessed it, Facebook! 

The note from media relations to Architosh read: “The AutoCAD for Mac product team will be hosting the first-ever “Facecast”, a live, streaming webcast within the AutoCAD Facebook page. This Q&A will give users a chance to ask questions and learn about what’s going on with AutoCAD for Mac, directly from the experts themselves.”

As of 9:00pm EDT, there are already over 373 people attending the event on Facebook. The event is free and open to those interested in AutoCAD on the Mac. To learn more visit this Facebook page

01 - Screen image of the new AutoCAD for Mac.

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