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Tidbit: CAD User has article on AutoCAD on Mac

CAD User talks about AutoCAD on the Mac


CAD User magazine online has a new article on the story of AutoCAD’s return to the Mac. While not as detailed as our own interview report awhile back it does touch on a few facts of interest.

One of those is that the author of the article, David Chadwick, goes through a little history of CAD on Apple computers starting from the very beginning, including such programs as Robo-CAD.

The article also mentions that Autodesk was merely responding to market dynamics when it made the decision to create a new version of AutoCAD for the Mac. Another interesting point is the mention that there are certain functions on AutoCAD for the Mac which are faster than the Windows version. Also, there is a mention that AutoCAD is rewritten from the ground-up every five years or so. That last comment is one which we feel should be truly verified.

Lastly, in talking to Mikka Arala of Autodesk about Apple, Chadwick mentions that the project got started early and in the process the company has been happy to discover another hit product from Apple–the iPad– which Autodesk currently has product on, in particular AutoCAD WS mobile for iOS.

To read the full article go here.

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