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LivingRoomCraftZ increases productivity with AutoCAD for Mac

LivingRoomCraftZ streamlines their workflow on AutoCAD for Mac


LivingRoomCraftZ, a Dutch design firm and technology consultancy, has increased productivity and streamlined their all-Mac based workflow by adopting AutoCAD for Mac software.

Ditching Non-Mac Hardware

According to Autodesk, since releasing AutoCAD for Mac software last year a range of design and engineering firms have deployed this newest software for the Mac by Autodesk to help them increase productivity and streamline information technology implementations. Previously, design solutions required virtualization and maintaining dedicated non-Mac hardware for AutoCAD on Windows.

“As an active participant in the beta program, it was immediately clear that adding AutoCAD for the Mac to our workflow would be very beneficial to us and to our customers,” said Silvia Taurer, owner, LivingRoomCraftZ. “Moving to a native version of AutoCAD [on Mac] has taken out the middle man of virtualization and resulted in significant productivity gains for us.”

Hamburg Philharmonic Hall

LivingRoomCraftZ recently used AutoCAD for the Mac as part of their consulting work supporting the construction of the Hamburg Philharmonic Hall. Working in 3D the team created complex solid models of the prefabricated concrete panels necessary to the design. “This project is pushing the horizon of what is possible in the prefabrication of concrete panels,” notes Martin Tauer, project architect, LivingRoomCraftZ, “and the way in which we achieved the high degree of accuracy required in the model was to use AutoCAD.”

Mac Resurgence at AutoDesk

“There has been a huge resurgence of the Mac with our customers,” said Amy Bunszel, Senior Director, AutoCAD Product Management. “Autodesk is committed to meeting the needs of these customers, and we are thrilled to have helped many Mac-only firms, like LivingRoomCraftZ, use AutoCAD more efficiently and effectively to accelerate better design.”

AutoCAD for Mac is now available in English and French in North America and Europe by leading resellers, online retailers and directly from To learn more go to:

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