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Lightworks Artisan built into IMSI Renditioner Pro

Lightworks Artisan technology utilized in updated IMSI Renditioner Pro plugin for SketchUp


Lightworks of the UK has announced that their new rendering software technology, Lightworks Artisan, is now built in to the new Renditioner Pro rendering plugin from IMSI Design.

The Renditioner Pro plugin from IMSI Design is a photorealistic rendering plugin for Google’s SketchUp 3D application. Lightworks Artistan provides a pre-packaged application of rendering technology that can be simply integrated into OEM (original equipment manufacturer) tools, providing pre-configured workflow and easy-to-use applications.

Bob Mayer, COO of IMSI Design commented, “Renditioner Pro is a powerful product and by integrating Lightworks Artisan we have been able to set an even higher standard for photorealistic rendering and lighting control within Google SketchUp.”

The Windows version of Renditioner Pro is available now. The Mac version will be available in April. To learn more click here. To visit Lightworks online go here.

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