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In-Brief: Shaderlight rendering news

Some brief news from the folks behind Shaderlight


Shaderlight, a rendering plugin application for Google SketchUp, is produced by ArtVPS and the company has recently had some news to share. In mid-February it announced its Winter Wonderland Winners. Three Google SketchUp users were awarded prizes for their rendering creations.

Luke Holdmann from Milwaukee, United States, took the top prize for his scene depicting a ferris wheel in a snowy scene. The image was lauded for its ideation and dramatic composition. 3D World editor Steve Jarratt, one of the judges said: “I really like the idea of a large snowflake big wheel, and the camera angle is quite dramatic.” You can read more about the winners here.

Touting Shaderlight

Back in December the company put out a press release touting positive adoption and feedback regarding its Shaderlight software. “In less than two months since launch, ArtVPS’ latest 3D rendering software Shaderlight has been snapped up by some of the leading design colleges around the world.”

01 - This image from a YouTube video shows Shaderlight in action.

To learn more about Shaderlight go here:

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