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Architosh in attendance at SmartGeometry 2011 in Copenhagen

Architosh to attend SmartGeometry 2011 Conference in Copenhagen


This year I was invited by Bentley, as part of a global group of editors, to attend the SmartGeometry 2011 Conference in Copenhagen. The SmartGeometry Group plays host this annual event, taking place from 28 March through 2 April, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

SmartGeometry 2011 Copenhagen

The SmartGeometry event is a key gathering for the experimentation, discussion, learning and networking within the emerging community of digital parametrics in the field fo architecture, design, and engineering.

The event comes in three parts, a Workshop (28-31st March), a public Talkshop (1 April), and a public Symposium and Reception (2 April). These events follow the highly successful previous sg events in Barcelona (2010), San Francisco (2009), Munic (2008) and New York (2007).

The event’s tagline is Building the Invisible, which refers to the use of data as an informing agent in digital design. In today’s world with vast amount of streams of data, this information forms a rich resource for designers, architects and engineers. Using data coming from sensors, calculations, real-time data inputs, et cetera, computer software systems can collectively react to such input, often in real time, allowing designers new means of responding to elements impacting design that are quite often, invisible. Energy design is one of the best examples.

We look forward to covering this event and will be reporting on several items during the event from Copenhagen. To learn more go to:

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