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Tidbits: Live Interiors 3D, Archway and more…

Mac CAD and 3D News: We have a tidbit on Live Interiors at the Mac App store; News on Archway and Pointools; and an interesting link story to Graebert GmbH of Germany and DraftSight growing quickly on the Mac platform.


Live Interiors 3D Standard Edition Now on Mac App Store

BeLight Software Ltd, has put up Live Interior 3D Standard Edition on the new Apple Mac App Store. The popular interiors-oriented, 3D design application sells for 49.USD. The application was last release on January 31, 2011. Live Interiors 3D Standard Edition is already in the Top 300 list by Apple.

To learn more about Live Interiors go here.

Archway Systems Joints Pointools Sales Partner Program

Archway Systems, Inc., an established provider of CAD software, consulting and technical services for a broad community of Bentley and Rhino software users, has joined the Pointools Partner Program for North America. Pointools software is used by project teams to reference and reuse the largest point cloud models–the billions of measurement points taken by 3D laser scanners–inside the broadest range of applications for streamlining scan-to-model workflows.

Pointools software works with Bentley, Autodesk, Rhino, SketchUp and Safe Software tools as well as its own standalone application. To learn more about it go to:

Graebert GmbH Opens App Store (Like Apple) for CAD

Germany-based Graebert GmbH has taken a play from Apple and announced the CAD industry’s first App Store for the DraftSight market. The store will open in April and will let large and small developers, as well as customers, discover and promote solutions and applications that work with Dassault Systemes DraftSight software.

In article published here a Graebert executive said, a week before the Solidworks World 2011 show, that the Mac is coming back in engineering CAD. The Graebert executive said that DraftSight had gained 30,000 new Mac users from December to January. The Mac was not 10 percent of the DraftSight customer base and growing quickly.

In the article referenced above there is a technical mistake in reference to AutoCAD on the Mac. The article states incorrectly that Autodesk AutoCAD for Mac is still in beta. That is not true, it is released and out and selling.

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