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AutoCAD WS updated, new support for Inventor

Autodesk updates AutoCAD WS to version 1.2 – adds great new features to iOS devices version


Autodesk Inc. has updated its AutoCAD WS this week to version 1.2, including its mobile device variants for Apple’s iOS mobile computing devices (iPhone and iPad).

Since its launch in 2010, AutoCAD WS has been utilized by 900,000 users, from professional designers to students. AutoCAD WS has gained swift popularity due to its excellent implementation on Apple’s hugely popular iPad tablet computer, enabling professionals to carry CAD data into the field and work in real-time with colleagues.

AutoCAD WS now supports multiple languages, including Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish. It also now supports Layouts, in addition to the drawing’s “model-space.” You can view and markup layouts the same way on the iOS version as on the Web version. The inclusion of Layouts means that AutoCAD WS 1.2 now supports the DWG files that are generated in Autodesk Inventor. Several of the next features we will mention only apply to the iOS version of AutoCAD WS.

AutoCAD WS 1.2 for iPad and iPhone

Also in version 1.2 is Snap Previews. This feature utilizes a “loop” magnifying function to better enable you to snap accurately to the objects you are intending to work on.

01 - AutoCAD WS 1.2 Mobile's new Snap Preview tool is beautifully executed on Apple's multi-touch devices.

Incredibly useful on both the iPad and iPhone version of AutoCAD WS, the new Brush tool replaces the previous free-line tool and enables better markups and doodles. The Brush tool comes in five standard brush widths. The Feet and Inches function for 1.2 mobile is also added. Finally, a new Copy Tool works like an intelligent duplicator.

To learn more and see AutoCAD WS 1.2 in action on an Apple iPad go here.

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