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3D Tin – New 3D modeling in browser application

3D Tin is a new browser-based basic 3D modeling application


3D Tin is a 3D modeling program that runs in your Web browser. It’s the product of Altcanvas, a small independent developer led by Jayesh Salvi.

3D Tin feels like a virtual Lego’s application and is basic. You build your models with cubes in a few primary colors. There is a snapping grid to align the cubes in place. An Eraser tool deletes cubes and an Extrude tool adds to cubes that are already in place.

There is a smooth tool that converts the cubes to rounded-formed objects with increasing degrees of smoothness. This will increase the poly count and slow down the application.

01 - 3D Tin is a web-browser based basic 3D modeling application that can export to STL format for 3D printing.

In order to save your models you must login to Once a model is saved you can also export it to the STL format for future 3D printing. Other features include loop animation, pan and orbit around the model, modeling with the grid off, undo, change color, symmetric operations, etc.

To explore 3D Tin yourself visit the site:

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