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Tidbits: Apple and 3D, Kinect 3D and more

Mac CAD and 3D News – Kinect runs on Mac now, news on Apple and 3D and new Sandy Bridge tidbits.


Kinect 3D on the Mac

Microsoft’s Kinect 3D technology for the Xbox 360 continues to show up in places not belonging to Redmond’s products and intentions. The latest of these is on the Mac platform. Thanks to a free app in the Apple Mac App Store users on the Mac can now see what they look like in 3d on their Mac.

Called Kinect 3D Viewer, the app lets you plug in your Kinect into your computer and view a 3D visualization of the depth data the Kinect accessory is capturing. To learn more read this report.

Apple 3D News and Intel Sandy Bridge

We have heard through a source that Apple continues to develop 3D technology in-house for future operating systems and devices implementation. Applications for what will be essentially “glass-less” 3D viewing technology may align with future gaming and or general computing.

Another interesting bit is that hackers have worked to get Snow Leopard installed on a “hackintosh” machine with Intel’s new “Sandy Bridge” processors on it. The new Intel Core i5-2500k CPU to be precise. That is the report and while it has already been suggested Sandy Bridge is slated for future Macs we will just have to wait and see.

Sandy Bridge generation CPUs from Intel feature new architecture and integrated HD graphics on the same die as the main CPU.

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