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New BIM book looking for architects for inclusion

Architosh reader and architect, Francois Levy, is looking for projects for his new BIM book, to be published by Wiley later this year.


Architect and Architosh reader, Francois Levy, is writing a new BIM book focused on “skin-load dominated structures” and is looking for project examples from within the ranks of Architosh, architect readers. The book will be published later this year by Wiley.

Here is what Levy wrote on the architosh Reader Group in LinkedIn recently:

I’m specifically looking for designers who employ the quantitative analysis opportunities in BIM to design skin-load dominated sustainable buildings for better performance, firms that are to some degree using the “I” in BIM coupled with building geometry to make informed design decisions. This typically involves applying in schematic design or early design development some or several performance design guidelines and/or sharing the BIM model with subconsultants (energy modelers, etc.) late in design development or construction documentation. The later is commonly done but by then it’s often too late to make significant design changes; the former is less common and the emphasis of my book. The subtext is that building performance can be a form-giver for climate-dominated architecture.

If you or your design firm are interested in submitting images or a case study project, please let me know. I would prefer but do not require heretofore unpublished built projects, preferably under approximately 20,000 square feet/2 000 square meters. I am particularly interested in a case study on BIM for building hydrology (optimizing rainwater harvesting and storage, quantifying low-flow fixture savings, integrating on-site constructed wetlands in the BIM model, etc.).

To contact Levy you can reach him at this email address: [email protected]

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