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Deelip discusses NX For Mac Licensing Fix

Deelip helps Mac users with NX 7.5 Licensing Woes


Over at there is an excellent post on addressing licensing issues on mobile Mac computers (eg: MacBook, etc) when installing and running Siemens PLM’s NX 7.5 on Mac OS X. This issue centers on the way Macs different than other operating systems when their networking conditions change (ie: when you take a Mac from one network to another).

Fixing the NX 7.5 Issue

If you are running NX 7.5 on a MacBook or MacBook Pro and run into a licensing problem and get the same error message Deelip did–“The proper license does not exist. The USG_LICENSE_BUNDLE environment variable is either not set or set incorrectly”–don’t panic.

For NX licensing FLEXnet relies on the use of the hostname to locate the server. If you are running a MacBook on say your home network its hostname may be self-assigned mac1.local. When you move it to say a company network (eg: the host name for the MacBook will change to, thereby confusing the FLEXnet software.

Deelip’s fix is to install the license server on a workstation or server that has a stable domain. Apparently it is recommended that a central license server be used for all client domains. The second fix option is to use the local IP address ( for the hostname.

You can read more details on this NX Mac issue fix here.

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