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AutoCAD WS update adds new features

Autodesk updated AutoCAD WS with several new features, including the ability to create blocks directly in shared AutoCAD WS drawings.


Autodesk updated AutoCAD WS (its web-based CAD tool) in mid December with several new features. Chief among them is the ability to create AutoCAD “blocks” directly within AutoCAD WS. For those who need a brief primer on AutoCAD WS we suggest you read this article here. This was the technology previously known as Project Butterfly.

Blocks are simply grouped objects that can be reused by simply selecting the block and inserting back into your drawing or a different drawing in later CAD sessions. The ability to do this in AutoCAD WS has been in demand.

Also new are the Chamfer function to connect two non-parallel lines and array functionality. Finally, AutoCAD WS’s latest update improves on locked layers giving the end user in WS more flexibility.

The latest version of AutoCAD WS is available on the Apple App store as well and supports these new features. A new open/download from email feature expands on the flexibility of AutoCAD WS as well as Amazon CloudFront and Zip support. To learn more read the news on the AutoCAD WS product blog.

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