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Tidbits: SolidWorks 2011, Dosch, BIM news…

Mac CAD and 3D News: We have tidbits on SolidWorks’ new SolidWorks 2011 website, notes on our Mac-SolidWorks coverage and Dosch products that are new; plus a tidbit on a very engaging discussion on BIM at BIM Experts at LinkedIn.


SolidWorks 2011

Well PTC may have introduced Creo to much fanfare recently a chief rival SolidWorks Corporation is right on their heels with the product launch release of SolidWorks 2011. A new SolidWorks 2011 Launch Web Site has been announced.

SolidWorks is a MCAD program we believe will be supported on the Mac within the next few years, as well as supported on Apple iOS. The company shook up the Mac community and CAD world earlier in the year at SolidWorks World 2010 when they showed future SolidWorks products running on an iMac. The event sent waves of excitement and interest into the blogosphere on the matter. The company clarified future direction with respect to developing for the Mac market with Architosh in this article, “SolidWorks clarifies future direction with respect to Mac”, here.  We’ll dig into the future of SolidWorks on Mac more in the near future.

New Dosch Products

Dosch Design has new products that we think may be of interest. One in particular is called Construction Site and contains 50 detailed 3D models for all kinds of construction sites. This product could be very useful to AEC professionals modeling sequencing work in the field for a variety of reasons. Another new library is Doors and Window Details, containing 40 very detailed 3D models of doors and windows.  Dosch Design is a top location for obtaining 3D model information. You can visit them here:

BIM Talk at LinkedIn

A very lengthy discussion topic on LinkedIn asks why companies choose one BIM product over another. At over 516 comments it is one of the more touched upon discussions concerning BIM software selection in the BIM Experts Group.

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