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Tidbits: Graphisoft, Vectorworks and more news

Mac CAD and 3D News: We have tidbits on training and event items for ArchiCAD and Vectorworks–all BIM related. Plus we have reference to an article on solid-state memory in workstations as they pertain to compositing and rendering.


Graphisoft and ArchiCAD News

Graphisoft is holding court to Celebrate Greenbuild, November 17, 2010 at 8:30pm – 11:30pm. The location is The Art Institute of Chicago, Griffin Court – The Modern Wing, 159 East Monroe Drive, Chicago, Illinois.

To register for this event click here. To learn more about BIM and Graphisoft ArchiCAD visit them on the web at:

In other ArchiCAD news ICS of Cambridge, Massachusetts will have BIM/ArchiCAD events in November as well at Build Boston 2010. You can learn more here.

Vectorworks News

Earlier this month we wrote about upcoming Vectorworks Training in New York City. There will be Vectorworks Core Concepts and Intermediate Concepts courses in mid November in New York City. Both courses are two day courses. Core Concepts is on Nov 16-17 and the price per course is 599.USD. The location is NYC but will be further defined soon. To register click here.

The Intermediate Concepts course is on Nov 18-19 and is 599.USD. Toregister click here. You can register for both for just 999.USD and you can call here: 877-202-8871.

Nemetschek Vectorworks and Nemetschek Scia, along with the buildingSMART alliance will be presenting openBIM webinar on Tuesday, November 16 at 2:00pm EST. You can learn more here.

Using Solid State Memory in Compositing had reference to a good article on the use of solid-state memory in workstations used for compositing. You can read that article here. Of particular interest a recent trip to the Apple Store confirmed that the new MacBook Air is incredibly fast at pro applications that write back to cache files frequently, precisely because of the lack of a bottle-neck in IO as discussed in the solid-state workstation article referenced above. Architosh is interested in this change of state (no pun intended) with Apple’s use of Flash memory on its Macs and what that can mean for CAD and 3D on the Mac.

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