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Tidbits: Artlantis, e-on Vue and Cheetah 3D news

Mac CAD and 3D News: Abvent is getting closer to a 64-bit version of Artlantis; the entire Vue 9 product line up is now available and finally Cheetah 3D version 5.6 is a nice little free update for existing users.


Abvent Marches Towards 64-bit Goodness

Abvent recently announced a free update for all Artlantis 3.0 users. The list of enhancements and fixes is available in a separate PDF document. The update also includes an updated Artlantis 3.0 demo and is technically version 3.0.5.

In bigger and more forward-looking news Abvent has also updated the alpha version of Artantis 3D 64-bit and an update patch is available for all those who have previously installed the first 64-bit version. Users can download the latest updates and hotfixes here.

Vue 9 Product Line Now Complete

e-on software has announced that the rest of the Vue 9 product line is now complete and available for purchase. A few weeks ago the company announced the release of its professional lineup of Vue 9 products. New Vue 9 for 3D Artists (Complete, Studio and Esprit) and Vue 9 for 3D Enthusiasts (Frontier, Theme-Packs, 3D SuperHero, and Pioneer) are also available. A new product description page covers all the details.

There are also Vue 9 Architectural Bundles available. These bundles feature one-button simplicity with the included SketchUp Vue Exporter plugin. There is the Vue 9 Complete Architectural Bundle (649.USD) and the Vue 9 Studio Architectural Bundle (449.USD). To learn more visit the product page here.

01 - Vue 9 Product Line Up. There is a product for everyone in the latest Vue series of 3D software for Mac and Windows, including Architectural Bundles for visualization in AEC.

Cheetah 3D News

This month Cheetah 3D got an update. Cheetah 5.6 features a completely rewritten transform tool. The new transform tool now supports multi-object selections, a gadget mode to arbitrarily align the transform gadget and much improved snapping tools for precise modeling. Version 5.6 also introduces post and pre-rotations which are great for reorienting joints. Additionally, there is new support for the video codecs H.264 and MPEG4 plus many smaller improvements.

Cheetah 3D 5.6 is free for all registered current users. For new users, Cheetah 3D is just 99.USD during a special that ends November, 2010. A demo is available here.

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