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Nemetschek releases Spanish version of Vectorworks 2011

Spanish-language Vectorworks now available.


Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc., has announced the availability of the Spanish-language version of the Vectorworks 2011 product line up, incuding Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, Fundamentals, and Renderworks with the new Cinema 4D rendering engine integration.

The Vectorworks 2011 product line includes major innovations and improvements, including:

  • 2D/3D Integration – The true 3D modeling environment supports 2D planar elements so users can more easily work in 3D or 2D in any view orientation.
  • Improved BIM – This latest version advanced BIM for Vectorworks users with greatly improved features in the areas of the space object, new 3D wall components and the new slab tool, among others.
  • Best in Class Rendering – The new Maxon CINEMA 4D render engine integration brings RenderWorks up to world-class rendering quality levels. Not only is rendering faster but it is easier to setup high quality renders faster and with superior results.

Vectorworks 2011 also has over 70 improvements in all areas of the programs and perfect view text editing capabilities. There are also new tile fills and smaller file sizes.

To learn more about the Spanish-language version of Vectorworks please go here:

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