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EIAS3D announces EIAS version 9 news

Electric Image Animation System version 9 planned detailed and news announced. New owners promise biggest update in recent history with new modernized core components.


Earlier this year Electric Image Technology Group sold its intellectual property for the entire Electric Image Animation System (EIAS) to a new set of owners, Tomas Egger, an award-winning director and EIAS user and the Igor brothers, prominent EIAS plugin developers. The new company will better fund the continued development of one of the world’s premier 3D software suites.

Electric Image Animation System Version 9

The new company behind EIAS is aggressively planning the biggest update to the 3D suite in a long time. Some key new items included a full 64-bit, multi-treaded, multi-platform EIAS Camera 9. EIAS Animator 9 will also have a new 3D model import system, and there is a new EIAS 9 Developer Kit for plugin and shader developers. EIAS Renderama 9 will also have improvements. The new company is also now selling, supporting and developing the Konkeptoine Tools, a series of plugins and shader plugins.

With all this change comes a new website for Electric Image Animation System, including a built-in online store where you can purchase or upgrade to EIAS v.8 (895.USD new) or obtain plugins.

02 - Electric Image Animation Systesm v8. Screen shot sample.

Exact dates for the new Electric Image Animation System 9 release have not been made clear but Architosh will follow this development closely. To learn more visit:

01 - The new EIAS logo. It's very cool!

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