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Training: T-Splines, Vectorworks, ArchiCAD, etc.

News of training events for leading CAD and 3D applications for the Mac.


We have news on several training sessions for a variety of leading edge applications. In brief:

T-Splines Training Events

Kyle Houchens, T-Splines lead trainer, will be hosting training sessions on these dates and locations:

Webinars coming up include Jewelry Design with T-Splines on Oct 14, 11AM EST. Tips and Tricks will be Oct 19 at 1pm EST. And T-Splines has a webinars archive that is reachable by anyone. Just sign up.

ArchiCAD Events

ArchiCAD 14: Open Design Collaboration takes place on Oct 22, 12pm EST. To register click here. There are also several other ArchiCAD 14 events coming up including webinars and in-person events. You can view the complete list of ArchiCAD 14 events or BIM events here.

Vectorworks Events

There are three “with the Beta Testers” events coming up for Vectorworks users. These are all webinars and they all start at 2pm EST.

  • Oct 19 – Vectorworks Architect 2011 with the Beta Testers, Click here
  • Oct 20 – Vectorworks Landmark 2011 with the Beta Testers, Click here.
  • Oct 21 – Vectorworks Spotlight 2011 with the Beta Testers, Click here.

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