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Tidbits: ArchiCAD, ICS, AutoDesSys news

Mac CAD and 3D News: In our tidbits this week we have news on several webinars for ArchiCAD, Bonzai and news of localized releases for ArchiCAD in Europe.


Bonzai Seminar on Oct 14

AutoDesSys, which has recently updated Bonzai 3D, has announced a Bonzai 3D Introduction Webinar for October 14, 2010. Matthew Holewinski from AutoDesSys will demonstrate how to use Bonzai 3D to accelerate the 3D design process using its intuitive interface and flexible modeling tools.

The event takes place on Oct 14, 2010, at 12pm -1pm EST. You can register here.

ArchiCAD Webinar on Oct 22

ArchiCAD 14: Open Design Collaboration is the title of a webinar on using the latest BIM technology from Graphisoft. The event will focus on how the architect can collaborate more affectively with his consultants and overall team using ArchiCAD 14’s collaboration technologies like IFC technology and the BIM server. As noted:

  • Unprecedented Coordination – ArchiCAD 14 turns IFC technology into full-fledged workflow solutions, enabling collaboration with engineers, regardless of their discipline or preferred software
  • Real Time Collaboration with Graphisoft BIM Server – enables the entire team, regardless of geo-location, to work simultaneously on the project model
  • Full Control – there is a parallel process of design and documentation built into the ArchiCAD 14 workflow

To register for this event go here.

Other ArchiCAD News

Graphisoft has announced that the Spanish version of ArchiCAD 14 is now available. Earlier this month the company also announced that the Portugese version of ArchiCAD 14 was also released. To learn more about the latter visit this link. To learn more about the Spanish version of ArchiCAD 14 go here.

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