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Nemetschek Vectorworks joins Georgia Institute of Technology Digital Building Laboratory

Nemetschek joines Georgia Tech DBL as Corporate Sponsor.


Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc., has joined Georgia Tech’s DBL (Digital Building Laboratory) as a sponsor. The Vectorworks maker has joined the organization as a member of its corporate relations group, DBL Partners. DBL Partners provide advice, direction and support to the research activities of the DBL.

Georgia Tech’s DBL

The Georgia Tech DBL serves as a research and development link between the building industry and the building-related capacitities at the university. Made up of industry partners, faculty and graduate students from architecture, computing, building construction and civil engineering that work in building-related areas, the consortium strives to solve technological and cultural challenges in the industry and improve the cycle of innovation.

“The Digital Building Lab fills a need for innovation and advancement in the AEC fields, and we are proud to support the research Georgia Tech is conducting,” says Robert Anderson, Vice President of Integrated Practice at Nemetschek Vectorworks. “With the continued evolution of requirements for projects in areas such as sustainability or building information modeling, it is critical to have new advances in technology and processes available to the industry.”

Chuck Eastman, Professor and Director of the DBL reports, ” We are pleased that Nemetschek Vectorworks has joined the DBL to address with our researchers and other companies the technology and process opportunities arising in the design and construction industries.”

To learn more about Vectorworks as a BIM software tool go here. To learn more about Georgia Tech Digital Building Laboratory go here:

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