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e-on software says Vue 9 to ship in November

Vue 9 series of products will be available in November.


e-on software has announced that Vue 9 will ship in early November. The company expects to release the entire Vue 9 product line in the first half of the month. The Vue 9 product line is structured around the same three-tiered product families:

  • Vue 9 for CG Professionals — Vue 9 Infinite and Vue 9 xStream
  • Vue 9 for 3D Artists — Vue 9 Esprit, Vue 9 Studio, and Vue 9 Complete
  • Vue 9 for 3D Enthusiasts — Vue 9 Pioneer, Theme-Packs and Vue 9 Frontier

Next Generational Features

The entire Vue 9 product line is chalk full of new features and technologies. Here is a partial list of some of the many features:

  • New Flicker Reduction Algorithms — improved animations and render quality in animations
  • Internal Refactoring for Faster Renders — Vue 9 is up to 30 percent faster
  • Relighting — You can instantly adjust the lighting of scenes after a render
  • Interactive Network Rendering — Powerful new network rendering technology
  • Improved Terrain Editor, EcoSystem 4 and HDR Multi-pass Rendering round out major new improvements

Vue 9 xStream and Infinite pre-release versions are immediately available. To learn more about the Vue 9 series of natural landscape creation and visualization software products visit:

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