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ASUNI CAD introduces VisualARQ, Rhino plugin for Architects

VisualARQ introduced as new architectural modeling extension for Rhino. Mac OS X version aimed at Rhino 5.


Barcelona, Spain-based ASUNI CAD has developed a new plugin for Rhino called VisualARQ, which enhances the productivity and efficiency of architectural modeling projects done in Rhino. The new plugin–which is currently only available for Rhino 4 and on Windows-only–enables architects to quickly develop 3D models in 2D and 3D simultaneously.

From a 3D model you can create 3D plans and elevations from the model. The plugin also powers Rhino with smart architectural objects with parametric attributes. Stairs, doors and windows behave parametrically when inserted into model elements like walls, floors and other objects.

01 - VisualARQ plugin for Rhino 4 transforms NURBS modeler into powerful and efficient architectural tool. Mac version discussed for Rhino 5.

“With VisualARQ you can design in 2-D and display the 3-D model simultaneously, or you can work in 3-D and show the 2-D display,” says Francisc Pedrerol, ASUNI CAD general manager.

VisualARQ can automatically create project documentation from models. Plans, elevations and sections, et cetera, are dynamically linked to the Rhino model. As Rhino is a full Class-A NURBS modeler, VisualARQ walls are also NURBS-based, enabling users to create walls from straight lines, arcs, and free-form curves. Any volume created from Rhino can become intergrated into a project with VisualARQ so there is no restriction on creating shapes and geometry in new architectural designs.

VisualARQ and Mac OS X

VisualARQ today only works on Rhino version 4.x. The next major release of Rhino 5 is supposed to be the first non-beta version of Rhino for Mac. At that time, the VisualARQ team will commence investigating a Mac-native version of the plugin application for Rhino 5 for Mac.

VisualARQ is 395.euro and 995.euro with Rhino included. To learn more visit their website here:

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