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SU Podium version 2 released

SU Podium 2.0 is out and with a brand new rendering engine.


SU Podium Version 2 , by Cadalog, Inc., has been announced this week. The photo-realistic rendering plugin to Google’s SketchUp 7 and SketchUp 8 has been updated with dozens of new features and improvements and contains an all new rendering engine.

SU Podium Version 2 supports multi-threading and can utilize up to eight processors or processor cores. The program is both a ray tracer and global illumination (GI) renderer and features caustics. Key features include:

  • Works on both PC and Mac versions of SketchUp 7-8
  • Works with both Free and Pro versions of SketchUp
  • High Quality Ray Tracer
  • Features Advanced Global Illumination
  • Physical Skies with depth and turbidity
  • Bump Mapping
  • True “reflections – not fake specularity
  • Blurred Reflection
  • Blurred Refraction for true translucency
  • Light Emitting Materials
  • Omni Lights
  • Sun Light and Sky Light
  • Spot Lights in PLS
  • Caustic Reflections
  • And more…

SU Podium 2.0 can be controlled by use of a Ruby script from a Ruby Console. The command is Podium::render. SU Podium 2.0 renders images to the following formats: PGN, JPG and HDR, in various preset and custom resolutions.

SU Podium 2.0 retails for 198.USD. Upgrades are available. To learn more visit them online here:

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