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AutoDesSys announces Bonzai 3D 2.2

AutoDesSys updates Bonzai 3D to version 2.2 – New features and some new changes to Google Integration


AutoDesSys (aka: auto-des-sys) Inc. has updated Bonzai 3D to version 2.2 this week. The new update to the popular 3D modeling program contains 75 improvements and corrections.

Bonzai 3D 2.2. – New Items

Bonzai 3D 2.2 is now available in French and Czech (as well as previously available in German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Japanese and English). Floating licenses are now supported on networks. This allows for the software to be installed on a number of machines and simultaneous use is allowed up to the number of licenses purchased.

Also is is an included Abvent Artlantis filter for those who are rendering their Bonzai 3D models in Artlantis. Disappointingly, Google has changed its licensing and technical requirements regarding its Google 3D Warehouse and Google Earth and direct access to both from Bonzai 3D 2.2 is no longer supported. The fundamental capabilities of connection still exist they just require an extra step or two, says the company. The Add Component from 3D Warehouse button has been replaced by a new Import Component button.

You can still import images from Google Earth into Bonzai 3D 2.2 and AutoDesSys has produced a set of instructions. To learn more about version 2.2 or to obtain a license or demo visit:

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