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Tidbits: ArchiCAD, SketchUp and FileMaker Devcon

Mac CAD and 3D News: In this brief tidbits we have news on further global roll-out for Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD 14, plus SketchUp news, including a partnership with IES and FileMaker and news.


ArchiCAD 14 Dutch and Hungarian Versions Released

Graphisoft has reported that both Dutch and Hungarian language version of ArchiCAD 14 have been released and are available in their local markets. The Dutch version marks the 11th version of 26 localized versions of ArchiCAD 14’s global release.

To learn more visit:

SketchUp News

IES has partnered officially with Google SketchUp. IES’s VE plugin enables energy analysis work directly within SketchUp. You can learn about IES here. There is also news of a new book titled, “SketchUp 7.1 for Architectural Visualization.”  Written by Robin de Jongh the book is written in an engaging style and features great tips like how to utilize affordable tools to supplement your visualization workflow with items like GIMP and Kerkythea. You can learn more at Amazon here.

FileMaker Devcon: News

FileMaker’s 2010 developer conference takes place  San Diego, California, on August 15-18. will be exhibiting its cloud technologies for FileMaker Hosting, including its vApp for FileMaker for Windows and its XenApp for FileMaker for Cross-Platform and Mobile workgroups.

To learn more about FileMaker visit them on the web.

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