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Tidbit: Fascinating 3D patents for future iPhones

Apple files fascinating 3D patents for future iPhones the portend to exciting applications for architects, urban planners and environmental professionals.


Apple has filed a series of fascinating patents for future 3D capabilities for iPhones. Future iPhones could take recorded video and images from the phone and render an object or location in 3D creating a virtual environment on the iPhone that the user can navigate.

The implications of one such application, titled, “Generating a Three-Dimensional Model using a Portable Electronic Device Recording” has exciting possibilities for architects, civil engineers, surveyors, urban planners and other environmental professionals who all utilize 3D models of environments in their profession.

A combination of GPS data, video, photos and mapping technology and cameras create the virtual experience.

There are more details at AppleInsider and patent application diagrams that are very interesting. Go here to read more.

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