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Gemvision licenses T-Tools Suite from T-Splines

Gemvision licenses technology from T-Splines, Inc.


T-Splines, Inc., has announced that Gemvision has licensed its T-Tools Organic Modeling Suite for use in their award-winning jewelry software. Gemvision’s 3D products Matrix and CounterSketch Studio provide powerful modeling tools for jewelers to make custom designed jewelry, cutting down on inventory costs.

T-Splines has seen growing adoption of its technology by leading product and jewelry designers around the world, who are leveraging T-Splines in their workflow to produce faster iterative designs and provide a more responsive process for their clients.

The T-Splines technology allows designers to explore organic forms while they model, easily tweaking and producing revisions, while at the same time maintaining compatibility with NURBS and subdivision surfaces. To learn more about T-Splines go here.

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