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Tidbits: PixPlant, T-Splines, Lightworks

Mac CAD and 3D News: Tidbits today include news on PixPlant 2 for Mac, T-Splines and LightWorks at SIGGRAPH.


PixPlant 2 for Mac

PixPlant 2 for Mac is software application for generating seamless 3D textures for your visualization needs. Based on photos you can easily generate seamless, repeatable 3D textures for your 3D modeling and rendering needs. PixPlant comes in a standalone application for Windows and Mac and a Photoshop add-on plugin for Windows. PixPlant 2 for Mac OS X is 195.USD. To learn more visit this page.

T-Splines News

T-Splines has announced a new partnership between RhinoCAM and itself. The two companies have partnered to provide best-in-class surface modeling and machining solutions, all inside Rhino 3D. RhinoCAD is a powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable machining program. There is afree webinar on this topic on July 21 (register here).

Also the company has announced five new T-Spline videos.

Lightworks at SIGGRAPH

Lightworks, the world’s leading supplier of rendering software solutions to application developers in the 3D computer graphics industry, will be presenting a paper at the SIGGRAPH Conference later in July.

Manuel Gamito, one of the company’s developers, will be presenting the paper at this year’s event in Los Angeles. The SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Conference is renowned for being the leading conference in its field and Lightworks is delighted that Manuel will be taking part in this important event. His paper, entitled, “Accurate Multi-Dimensional Poisson-Disk Sampling” is co-authored with Steve Maddock from the University of Sheffield, UK, and presents research on techniques for increasing the performance of Global Illumination and Anti-Aliasing processes in real-world situations.

Manuel commented: “The technique that I will be presenting has already been implemented in the new rendering software that Lightworks is developing. It addresses the efficient generation of Poisson-disk sample distribution in a space, with any number of dimensions.”

To learn more visit this page.

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