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SIG: Luxion demonstrates breakthrough ray tracing technology

Luxion shows off new subsurface scattering ray tracing technology at SIGGRAPH 2010.


Luxion, one of the world’s leading developers of ray tracing software technology, has announced at SIGGRAPH new breakthrough technology for ray traced subsurface scattering.

This breakthrough makes it possible to render realistic natural materials such as human skin interactively and in realtime, without any approximations.

01 - Luxion's new ray tracing technology allows for realtime interactive rendering with subsurface scattering. This makes it possible to do realtime, interactive rendering of materials such as human skin.

The realtime ray traced subsurface scattering will be demonstrated as part of KeyShot 2.1 at SIGGRAPH which is ongoing this week. It is one of several new developments for the premier realtime accelerated rendering software company.

To learn more about Luxion’s KeyShot 2.1 technology visit them online here.

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