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SIG: ILM turns to Luxology’s modo

George Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic has made Luxology’s modo an essential part of its toolset.


Luxology has announced that the Art Department at San Francisco-based Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), a division of Lucasfilm Ltd., is pioneering the evolution of the concept development process by adopting Luxology’s award-winning modo 3D software application.

“Our clients rely on the ILM art department to create world-class concept art and design for their films. To generate that type of work we utilize best-of-breed tools, and modo is turning out to be a terrific 3D tool for the team,” said Richard Kerris, CTO at Lucasfilm Ltd.. “modo is playing a key role in how certain looks and concepts are best created and it has earned its place in our toolset.”

ILM has set the standard for visual effects and has contributed to some of the most influential and groundbreaking films of the last 35 years. Working alongside a full compliment of professional tools, 3D concept art developed in modo has played a key role in a number of recent projects including Confessions of a Shapaholic and Iron Man 2.

The talented artists in the Art Department at ILM are responsible for the technical 3D aspects needed to create the artistic feel of an entire film ranging from small details, such as how a creature’s skin will look, to the creation of an actual character, vehicle or environment. With the scale and complexity of modern production, an efficient workflow is key to getting projects done quickly. Using modo 401’s modeling, painting and rendering tools, artists can efficiently iterate on a concept and provide a filmmaker with multiple options to best capture their vision.

In addition to leveraging modo’s speed, the ILM Art Department has also been able to add a new dimension to a process that was fundamentally rooted in 2D imagery. 3D concept art can be incorporated into the company’s production pipeline as modo geometry and renderings created for artistic reference can readily be prepped for production.

To learn more about modo visit Luxology’s website here.

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