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Pixologic to unveil ZBrush 4.0

Pixologic to unveil the latest version of ZBrush, version 4.0, at the SIGGRAPH show in Los Angeles laster in July.


Pixologic, Inc., will unveil ZBrush 4.0 at the upcoming SIGGRAPH show in Los Angeles, California later this month. ZBrush 4.0, available for both Windows and Macintosh will be made available for pre-purchase at the Pixologic booth during the SIGGRAPH convention, July 27-29, 2010, and will include a special edition package.

ZBrush is the leading 2D/3D digital sculpting software application for artists today and is used extensively in the film, game, toy and collectibles industries, as well as in science and illustration. Pixologic’s booth, #709, will be hosting hourly demonstrations where attendees can see the latest features in version 4.0.

Following the public preview, ZBrush 4.0 will be made available for purchase and download on August 9th, 2010. To learn more visit this page.

Reader Comments

  1. Posted by:
    The Cappy
    July 22, 2010 01:46 am EST

    Before you get too excited, keep in mind that 7-2009, they announced ZBrush 3.5. It was to come out in August for Windows and September for Mac. It came out for Windows, sure enough. But there’s still no Mac version. Pixologic is a great company for making promises they never make good on.

    So the following scenarios are all possible:

    1) Neither version ships until hell freezes over.

    2) Windows is released (maybe on time, maybe late). Mac version is promised but never sees the light of day, and no official explanation (or indeed mention) is ever given.

    3) ZB4 for Windows is released, and ZB3.5 for Mac is released as a consolation prize.

    4) ZB4 for Windows is released, and Mac stays at ZB3.2.

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