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Luxion’s KeyShot 2 is out!

Luxion releases KeyShot 2 – next generation of GPU accelerated interactive raytracing rendering program


The long-awaited update to KeyShot/HyperShot is now out. Luxion quietly released KeyShot 2 back in June. KeyShot 2 is an all new application that supports native Pro/ENIGINEER data import and associative linking for both PC and Mac.

KeyShot 2 is built on Luxion’s production-proven interactive realtime raytracing and global illumination technology. Now even faster, KeyShot 2 breaks down the complexity of creating photographic images from 3D models. Key new features in KeyShot 2 include:

  • Drag and Drop import of digital data
  • Scene tree for better scene management
  • Library for all assets (materials, environments, textures, backplates and renderings) with drag and drop capabilities
  • Interactive material and environmental adjustments with realtime feedback
  • Dynamic camera interaction with precise position control

There are also several new rendering improvements and capabilities including:

  • Unlimited label placement on any material
  • Ligt emitting materials with intensity, color and appearance control
  • Ground caustics without need for a physical plane
  • Merging of previously saved scenes with current scene

Performance improvements include 50 percent faster renders. The program has been optimized to run even faster on Macs and PCs without the need for special graphics cards. KeyShot is 50 percent faster than HyperShot.

KeyShot has been optimized for round-trip fidelity between itself and Pro/ENGINEER. Models can be re-imported from ProE and previously made material assignments are maintained.

To learn more visit Luxion online here:

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