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Pixologic launches ZBrush Industry Pages

Pixologic launches ZBrush Industry Pages to showcase its flagship software’s use across other industries.


Pixologic, makers of ZBrush, have launched its new ZBrush Industry pages highlighting the creative and practical applications of their flagship ZBrush software application. The ZBrush Industry section provides examples of how ZBrush is being utilized within various creative pipelines, across industry segments.

ZBrush is already very well regarded for its use in special effects (VFX) and in the gaming industries, but many are unaware of its practical application in design industries like fashion, jewelry design, toy design and manufacturing, and science and medicine.

T. S. Wittlesbach, ZBrush artists and jewelry maker says: “ZBrush is the foundation of my jewelry work flor and has now become the most instrumental tool. When I switched to creating jewelry I was initially very reticent about shifting to a computer to sculpt. There is nothing out there that actually has the true feel of tool in hand and material resistance–an absolutely amazing accomplishment.”

To visit the new Industry Pages go here.

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