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Graphisoft acquires Zermatt Virtual Reality Solution

Graphisoft acquires Swedish developer of Virtual Reality Solution.


Graphisoft has acquired Swedish developer Zermatt’s Virtual Reality Solution, which has been providing the core engine for Graphisoft’s Virtual Building Explorer product. VBE, as the product is sometimes called, is an industry-first interactive BIM model presentation tool. The product allows a presentation of a full BIM model in a self-running interactive environment without the need for the original BIM authoring software.

Graphisoft’s Virtual Building Explorer (VBE) combines game-like navigation in a high-end graphical environment with live Global Illumination (Radiosity) technology and native BIM features. Items like obtaining measurement of real building dimensions and retrieving detailed building element information on the fly, VBE is truly innovative technology.

“Graphisoft is known for developing best-of-breed model-based design solutions for architects, and Virtual Building Explorer continues this tradition,” said Miklos Szovenyi-Lux, Vice President of Product Management at Graphisoft. “Our ultimate goal with this acquisition of this cutting-edge technology is to extend our options for development and distribution of this great product to the widest range of our users.”

To learn more about Graphisoft Virtual Building Explorer (VBE) please visit this web page.

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