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AutoDesSys bonzai 3D webinar in June

AutoDesSys will be hosting a free webinar on the popular bonzai 3D modeling program. Learn why bonzai 3D is fast-becoming a premier modeling tool choice in all disciplines.


AutoDesSys has announced an upcoming webinar in June, 2010. On June 17 AutoDesSys presenter Matthew Holewinski will demonstrate and explain the power behind the company’s popular new bonzai 3D.

Holewinski will explain how bonzai 3D is used to accelerate the 3D design process with its intuitive interface, flexible modeling tools and extensive visualization capabilities.

In this webinar you will also learn how bonzai 3D can be used further down the production pipeline with worry-free geometry. This webinar will give you the insight into why bonzai 3D is fast becoming the 3D modeler of choice in all design disciplines.

Date, Time, Registration

The seminar on the Web is free and is on Thur, June 17, 2010 at 12:00pm – 1:00pm EST (GMT – 4hrs). To register visit this link.

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