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Tidbits: ArchiOffice 2010, Carrara 8 Pro

Mac CAD and 3D News: We have tidbits on the new Carrara 8 Pro with its new 64-bit support and more, plus ArchiOffice 2010 looks scheduled to be released later in June.


DAZ 3D-Gizmoz Releases Carrara 8 Pro

The Draper, Utah-based Carrara group at DAZ has released the new Carrara 8 Pro, offering 64-bit support, Bullet Physics, FBX Export and Unity Game Engine support.

Carrara 8 and Carrara 8 Pro provide cutting edge 3D tools for artists working in a variety of fields. New animation tools, enhanced lighting, new vegetation tools and optimized rendering round out the big new features in the Carrara 8 line-up.

“It is no secret that artists are continually seeking new avenues to build their skill set, and this is exactly what we keep in mind throughout our software development processes,” explains DAZ 3D-Gizmoz CEO, Dan Farr. “Whether you are a professional illustrator, game developer, special effects creator, web designer, or student, Carrara 8 offers the perfect tools to do so.”

Architosh will be looking more closely at the Carrara 8 Pro product in an upcoming report.

ArchiOffice 2010

ArchiOffice creator Steve Burns, FAIA, has sent out a notice to Architosh that the upcoming ArchiOffice 2010 product is scheduled to be released June 30, 2010. The marketing image (shown below) features a cracking egg with piercing light. Looks exciting!

01 - ArchiOffice 2010 looks to be a new birth! Release scheduled in late June.

For more information on ArchiOffice visit:

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