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Lightworks shows its stuff at KBB Show

Lightworks to be showcased at KBB Show. Leading Interiors applications are powered by Lightworks rendering technologies.


UK-based Lighworks, the world’s leading supplier of rendering solutions for software developers of CAD and 3D applications, is demonstrating its latest software technologies at the KBB Interior Design Show, in Birmingham, England. KBB takes place March 21 – 24, 2010.

Lightworks technology has long been held in high regard for the application of interior design applications. Many of the leading software applications used by professional interior designers utilize this software technology. Key to KBB visitors will be able to see new products based on the latest Lightworks technology:

  • ArtiCAD (H28) will be demonstrating ArtiCAD HD lighting module which incorporates global illumination and other advanced rendering technology
  • 2020 Fusion (K44) will be launching Fusion Bathrooms Solution
  • Vision House Software (E60) will be launching their brand new ‘Nexus Snapshot’ visualizationi and rendering application which is based on the very latest Lightworks Artisan technology

For more information about Lightworks go to:

For more information about KBB follow this link here.

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