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AutoDesSys releases formZ 6.7

AutoDesSys has updated formZ to version 6.7 – new AutoCAD 2010 support and updated ACIS kernel by Spatial Corporation.


AutoDesSys, Inc., has announced the release of formZ 6.7, an update to its venerable 3D software. This is mostly a maintenance release while development centers on the release of formZ 7.0 later in 2010.

New Items in formZ 6.7

Version 6.7 brings general improvements throughout the program. At the top of the list are updates to AutoCAD 2010 DWG and DXF file support and a new version of Spatial’s ACIS modeling geometry kernel which includes support for SAT r19 files.

All users of the Family Plan will receive formZ 6.7 on DVD automatically. The company expects to start sending these updates out by the end of the week. Non-Family Plan members who are current can update for a minimum fee by ordering directly through the AutoDesSys portal.

Bonzai 3D News – More Langauges

AutoDesSys would also like to inform users that bonzai 3D has now bee localized for Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Japanes.

To learn more visit AutoDesSys online here

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